Essential Information about Men’s Sexual Health

Essential Information about Men’s Sexual Health

Essential Information about Men's Sexual Health


Men’s Sexual Health: Important Insights You Need to Know

As a man, sex is an integral part of their life; it’s not just about showing love to his partner but a way to enjoy ourselves. Moreover, sexual activities enhance mood, happiness and are an acceptable form of exercise. Though it is essential to look out for men’s sexual health, one must know how they can spice up their sex life.

What is Sexual Health? Sexual health is fundamental to the overall health and wellbeing of individuals, couples, and families, and the social and economic development of communities and countries. It requires a positive, respectful and pleasurable approach. Although sex is an important step, it should be safe, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. Furthermore, every man should come under the importance of sexual health.

“Safe sex is an act of self-love.” ― Miya Yamanouchi

Why is sexual health important?

Sexual health is as important as physical health and is often regarded by many people as good for mental health. Moreover, the research shows that central sexually transmitted infections can be prevented if it maintains a healthy sexual life. Furthermore, sexual health is not just limited to avoiding disease but comprises unplanned pregnancy and the integral aspect of general health and wellbeing. There are specific prospects of sexual health in men.

Can a men’s sexual health affect a women’s chances of conceiving?

Male infertility can affect the chances of conceiving as anatomical abnormalities, low sperm production, testicular trauma, genetic or immunological illness. Although these can be detected by evaluation and tests performed, it is essential to understand these problems are common. However, infertility does not make a man any less of a man!

According to NIH reports, more than 81% of men have reported that they experience at least one or other sexual problem. Additionally, in 14% of men, three or more sexual health disorders were present. This only depicts how common these sexual problems in men are and how many are afraid to talk about them. We must encourage men to be open about their difficulties in bed as many times it’s their mental health that is the root cause.

Moreover, with age, the decline in sexual drive is standard. Males over 60 should not fret about low sex drive or reduction in performance as it is common to have a sexual problem.

“Our sexuality affects everything we do, and everything affects our sexuality” – Tina Schermer Sellers

What are the sexual problems in Men?

Men’s sexual health may get declined with time. There are few problems that men suffer from:

  1. Low libido
  2. Premature ejaculation
  3. Erectile dysfunction low testosterone

Physical health factors:

Numerous physical health factors can add to the decline in sexual health. They include:

  1. Underlying medical conditions and impaired physical health functioning can cause sexual uncertainty.
  2. States like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hormonal misbalance, or neurological disorder.
  3. Chronic medical circumstances such as liver and kidney failure can also add up to bad sexual health in men
  4. Adverse effects of drugs can also cause sexual problems like antidepressant medications, anti-anxiety drugs.

Psychological or mental health factors:

Specific psychological reasons can add to sexual health problems:

  1. It may include anxiety, depression, and stress as they may affect the sex drive in men.
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